19 October 2012

PANAMA : 24 Oct UPDATE: Prez Martinelli Will Scrap Colon Land Sale Law...After 3 Deaths; Martinelli Wants To Adopt Euro.

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      A total of 3 people were killed...including a boy...and dozens were injured and arrested during 5 days of violent protests in Cd. Colon...over a land sale law passed Friday for the free trade zone.
    Now...President Martinelli says he will repeal the law.
    Workers worried about their jobs set fires...and clashed with police several times.
    At least 15 were injured...and 25 were detained...before a curfew was finally declared in Colon.

    AND: As TV's Monty Python used to say: 'And now...for something completely different.'
       A nation...wants to adopt the euro.
    In Berlin...Panama President Ricardo Martinelli told German Chancellor Merkel...he would like to accept the euro as legal tender...equal with the $usd.
    But he gave no details.
    Panama's economy grew by 10.6% in 2011...the fastest rate in Latin America.
    Its $5.25 billion canal expansion...that will double capacity...is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014.