09 October 2012

MEXICO/ USA : 11 Oct. UPDATE: Navy Admits Killing Top Zetas Leader Lazcano...Was Accident; 'La Ardilla' Smirks Over His Arrest For Falcon Lake Murder; Analysis Of Calderon's 'Kill The Capos' Plan.

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      The Mexican Navy now admits the killing of the important founder and leader of the ruthless Los Zetas...Heriberto Lazcano, 37...aka El Lazca...Z-3 and El Verdugo...in a fight in Coahuila...was an accident.
      They also say they didn't know it was Lazcano...until his body..and another were stolen from the unguarded funeral home.
      They then used fotos and fingerprints to reveal the ID.
      Forensics reports are that he was shot 6 times...with 2 bullets in the head.
        Lazcano carried a $5 million bounty from the USA...and $2.3 million from the DF...and  was wanted for hundreds of murders.
       He was an original founder of Los Zetas...instrumental in transforming them from the enforcement arm of the Gulfo narcos...into brutal competitors and efficient killing machines.
       Mexican media is now debating whether Lazca's death will further fuel an internal battle for control of the Zetas...or violence will subside.
       The USA still claims the dead man's body was much shorter....5'3"...than their information about of Lazca...which had him at 5'8".
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     AND:  When police trotted out some Zetas captured in Nuevo Laredo...including one identified as Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, 31...aka La Ardilla/the squirrel...a top leader of the notorious narcos... some USA experts questioned if the ID was correct.
    Recently...Mexican federal police have made several faulty...and embarrassing IDs.
    Their suspect was laughing and smirking during the media event.
    The army claims La Ardilla is responsible for the murder of a USA citizen on Falcon Lake...and killing many migrants in Tamaulipas.
      PLUSAnalysis of Lazcano takedown...and the success of Calderon's plan to 'kill the narco capos'.