23 October 2012

HUNGARY / EU / IMF : Thousands Rally In Budapest Against...And For...PM Orban; Orban Complains Of "Blackmail" By EU/IMF.


     On a day commemorating the 1956 uprising vs the Soviets...many Hungarians hit the streets of Budapest to protest against...and for...PM Viktor Orban.
     Some 30,000-50,000 members of the opposition gathered.
     They say Orban threatens democracy and have unified under a 'Movement 14' banner.
     But...a state estimated 150,000 came out to support Orban...and his Fidesz Party...as he wrestles with the EU over judges, the central bank, media freedom and bank taxes.
     ALSO : Orban cries Budapest is being 'blackmailed' by the EC and the IMF over bank taxes and budget deficit measures.
     Orban has been struggling with the EU for 2 years over his 'unorthodox' economic policies.
     'Whatever we do...it is never enough,' he complains.
      Hungary faces a 07 November deadline.