21 October 2012

AUSTIN / USA / GENEVA / FRANCE: 23 Oct UPDATE: Swiss Strip Lance Of All Tour Titles; Armstrong Finally Appears Publicly At Charity Gala And Race.


      As widely expected...the UCI (International Cycling Union) in Geneva, Switzerland has stripped embattled and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong...of ALL his 7 Tour de France titles.
     Its president said he was 'sickened' by the revelations.
     Armstrong will have to return $3.8 million in Tour winnings...but NOT the 7 famous yellow jerseys....and up to $12 million in other bonuses.
     He is estimated to have a net worth of $125 million.
     Lance may also face legal problems...and huge fines as well...for lying under oath that he never doped.

    Armstrong himself....finally made highly anticipated public appearances in his occasional adopted hometown Austin...on Friday night...and again early Sunday.
     On Sunday morning...he spoke for about 90 seconds...before sending-off some 4,300 die hard bikers on a 100-mile race for the Livestrong charity...that he founded in 1997.
    On Friday night...Armstrong addressed his charity's attendees...but successfully avoided the press at Livestrong's gala 15th anniversary fundraiser...that included many celebrities... like actors Sean Penn, Robin Williams and singer Norah Jones...and raised an estimated $2.5 million.
     Armstrong has lost at least 8 sponsors this week...valued at $30-$50 million in endorsements for the next 5 years...after more details emerged about an alleged doping ring that helped him win 7 Tour de France yellow jerseys...from 1999-20005.

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