21 October 2012

ARGENTINA / GHANA : Cristina Pulls 300 Sailors From Seized Training Ship.


      The stink over an Argentine Navy training ship seized and held for 3 weeks in Accra at the request of a NYC 'vulture fund'...continues.
      President Cristina Fernandez has ordered most of the 326 sailors to evacuate the frigate 'Libertad'...the pride of its navy.
      Only the captain...and a few sailors will remain to maintain order.
      The berth fee for the 3-masted ship is reportedly $50,000 daily!
      The ship itself is estimated to be worth $15 million.
      Cristina rejected a $20 million dollar demand by NML Capital to release the ship.
       It is being held for the hedge fund which says Buenos Aires owes it $370 million for unpaid decade old sovereign bonds.
      An Accra court has upheld the seizure...and an appeal is pending.
      The uproar has already cost Navy chief Carlos Alberto Paz his post...and 2 other senior naval officials were suspended.
      The nation's military intelligence director....Maria Lourdes Puente Olivera... has also left.