25 September 2012

VENEZUELA : Crime Is Chavez's Achilles Heel With Murder Rate Higher Than Mexico's.


     The writer looks at out of control crime in Caracas...reporting that the murder rate may have grown by over 4 times since President Hugo Chavez took office...and is easily double...per capita...that of violence wracked Mexico.
     Some estimate Venezuela's murder rate at 67 per 100k; Mexico's is 24 per 100k.
     Out of control crime is a subject Chavez often skirts...but is on the minds of everyone...as the 07 October presidential election looms ahead.
    Overcrowded prisons along with understaffed and underpaid police are 2 of the problems.
    Chavez is now at the most vulnerable point in his presidential career.
    Yet...the latest poll from respected Datanalysis...shows Chavez still with a 10 point lead over Capriles...49% to 39%...but Capriles narrowing the lead since his 31% in June.
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