12 September 2012

MEDIA / USA : Facebook Retreats From Cartoon Ban In "Nipplegate".


     In August...social media giant Facebook banned a New Yorker magazine cartoon of semi-naked Adam and Eve...because it showed Eve with nipples.
    Facebook finally apologized for pulling the image.
    Sadly...this newsblog probably can't post the controversial cartoon here...because Google may also deem it unsuitable.
   In the recent past...Google's Blogger has punished this blog...excluding it from all its listings...for possibly posting a foto with nipples from a protest by the Ukraine's notorious FEMEN group.
    But Blogger never informed the editor...so this blog will never know why it was blacklisted...or when it ends...if it does.
   If this seems to be another flogging of this censorship issue...it is!
   The online powers...many in the USA...still have most of the power!