31 August 2012

HUNGARY / ARMENIA / AZERBAIJAN : 03 Sept UPDATE: Talk Of War Looms! Protests Held In Armenia; Bad Blood Brews Over Azeri Murderer's Release By Budapest; Diplomatic Relations Cut.


      Now there is talk...of war...between Armenia and Azerbaijan!
     Armenia's President Sarkisian told AFP: 'We don't want a war but if we have to, we will fight and win. We are not afraid of killers even if they enjoy the protection of the state.'
     All because Hungary released a convicted killer of an Armenian...to Azeri authorities.
    There have been protests in front of Hungary's consulate in Armenia's capital...after the Azeri officer...convicted of murdering an Armenian soldier with an axe in 2004...was released by Budapest.
     Armenia severed all diplomatic relations with Hungary.
     Despite a life sentence...Budapest set Ramil Safarov free.
     Safarov flew to Baku...where he was greeted with flowers...as a hero.
     He was also given a promotion, a free flat...and ALL back pay since his arrest 8 years ago!
    Armenia and Azerbaijan fought a bitter war in the 1990's over a territorial enclave.