20 August 2012

CUBA / VENEZUELA : 21 August UPDATE: Inept And Corrupt Cuban Port Control....Is "Bleeding (Venezuela) Dry'; Ongoing Food Shortages Disturb Even Chavez Loyalists.


      Carabobo Governor Henrique Salas Feo...says Venezuela's food distribution and shortages have grown worse since Cubans took over control of the nation's major port in 2009.
      Salas Feo told the MIAMI HERALD by telephone that...'Puerto Cabello is the entry gate to Venezuela; it handles 80% of everything that enters or leaves the country but since the Cubans took over, things are getting worse by the day.'
      He claims before the Cubans...it took only 72 hours to process and move containers...and now it takes...30 days.
      Salas Feo also believes besides inept procedures...there is vast corruption from the exclusive purchasing concessions President Chavez granted the Cubans.
    NEW!!! ALSO: Chavez's ambitions for food self-sufficiency have failed...even after numerous land distributions.
    Venezuela must still import 70% of its food...which takes months to move into the system.
    The continuing shortages are taking a toll...even on Chavez loyalists.
    An abuela says: 'I have never seen such shortages in all my life. Who would have ever thought that (we) would have no milk, no corn meal, no coffee?'.
     Economists blame price and foreign exchange controls.