10 July 2012

SPAIN: 12 July UPDATE: VIDEO: 76 Injured in Anti-Austerity Rally After Coal Miners Protest March Reaches Madrid.

             2ND LINK CHANGE: with video

      Weeks after an often violent strike began...200 coal miners from the north reached Madrid...weary from a 44 day...284 mile/450 km protest march (Marcha Negra) from Asturias and Leon.
     They were cheered-on by thousands in central Madrid at night.
     At least 76 were hurt on Wednesday...during an anti-austerity protest...including 43 miners and 33 police...even as PM Mariano Rajoy announced new austerity measures.
     Almost 9,000 miners have been protesting drastic funding cutbacks since June. 
     The miners have even used homemade missiles to repel police in the north.
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