12 July 2012

RUSSIA : 14 July UPDATE: 'Black Friday' At The Duma; After Tragic Summer Flood...Comes Suspicions.

        COMMENTARY: Masha Lipman

      The deadly flooding near the Black Sea in Krasnodar province...has added to growing apprehension and suspicion...as President Putin bulks-up his influence...and passes his agenda.
     The Wikipedia-opposed internet law, the law against NGO's...and protester Alexey Navalny's upcoming trial are all feeding a growing anxiety.

       NEW!!!  New laws squeeze Putin opponents. Duma's 'Black Friday' also sees slander law aimed at protesters like Navalny. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gSOimGClbrEkORo8dijdCyA4ZNDQ?docId=CNG.ba3ef383fe9f5dae24547153549c67c7.101