13 July 2012

MEXICO : Small Parties Are Big For Pena Nieto Success; AMLO Files Election Fraud Lawsuit.


    New PRI party President-elect Enrique El Guapo Pena Nieto will have to rely on 2 minor parties to get his agenda thru congress...the so-called Greens...and PANAL.
     With them on board...the PRI could control half the lower house.
     The Senate is problematic...and stiff concessions will be demanded by the conservative PAN.
    AND: Presidential runner-up Andres Manuel El Grunon Lopez Obrador...aka AMLO...has filed a lawsuit asking for the election to be invalidated.
      He has refused to concede...claiming widespread 'fraude'...perhaps 5 million votes...and illegal campaign spending in the millions.
      Officials won't make the election official...or reverse it...until 6 September.