19 June 2012

ECUADOR/ UK / SWEDEN / AUSTRALIA : 20 June UPDATE: WikiLeaker Assange Seeks Asylum In London Embassy; Why Quito? Correa And The Press; $378,000 Bail Forfeited.

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      Tuesday...WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange...walked into Ecuador's London embassy ...and asked for asylum.
      Assange faces extradition from London to Sweden over one alleged rape and also a sexual molestation of another WikiLeaks worker.
     Ecuador is studying his request...but assured him he could stay until it was sorted out.
     London police say that he will be arrested if he leaves the embassy.
     The prominent supporters who put up his bail money...240,000 pounds/$378,000...are likely to lose it all...because of this breach.
     Assange may have chosen Ecuador because of its growing repression of media...and  strong reaction to the release of cables by WikiLeaks in 2009.
    President Rafael Correa expelled the USA ambassador because of cable assertions of corruption in his cabinet.
    Ecuador's foreign minister also reportedly once invited Assange to relocate to Quito.
    Assange may be desperate to evade extradition to the USA...where probable espionage charges await him...with a possible death penalty.