07 May 2012

MEXICO : 08 May UPDATE: Twitter Reveals Presidential Debate Winner...Was Sexy Model; Debate Featured Usual Mudslinging.


       Though handsome leading presidential candidate...Enrique Pena Nieto was basically the pinata...during a 2 hour debate among 4 candidates...it was a beautiful model that got much attention on the social medium...TWITTER.
      Former Playboy nude cover model Julia Orayen's job was to get candidates to  select the speaking order...but she grabbed many viewers attention...in a tight fitting revealing white dress...even though she appeared on screen...for less than 30 seconds
      In the debate itself...most candidates attacked PRI Pena Nieto's policies...and Josefina Vasquez Mota...insinuated he was a liar.
     But the debate's impact is uncertain because it had fierce TV audience competition...from a football match...and a dance show.
     Another debate is scheduled for 10 June. 
     The election is Sunday 01 July.
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