31 May 2012

GREECE / EUROZONE : Syriza Party Leader Alexis Tsipras...Interviewed.

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      Joanna Kakissis interviews rapidly emerging young politician Alexis Tsipras...head of the leftist Syriza Party.
     His positions of austerity are unnerving some in the eurozone and world markets.
     Syriza has a chance to form Greece's government after the 17 June elections...and determine the fate of Athens and perhaps the eurozone.
    Tsipras on the 'markets': 'If you give one hand to the markets, they will devour the other one as well. They are like flocks of wild animals, driven by their instincts and the smell of blood. Hence, either there will be decisive policies which will calm them down or — if there will be clumsy policies of conciliation — the markets will devour politics in Europe and in the rest of the world.'