04 May 2012

BOLIVIA : 06 May UPDATE : Morales Backs Down Again; Doctors Win Workday Protests.


      After almost constant protests by medical workers since 28 March over an expanded workday...President Evo Morales has surrendered.
    Morales allowed the previous 6 hour workday...to be reinstated.
    Many times...the police in La Paz and other cities have repelled protesting doctors and medical workers with tear gas and rubber bullets.
    There have  been hunger strikes and numerous road blocks.
     The medical workers had vigorously opposed the plan to increase their workdays by 2 hours...after a 40 year old law was nullified by the health minister.
    President Evo Morales had even threatened to replace native doctors with docs imported from Cuba.
    Morales now wants a summit to discuss problems and changes to the health system.