08 April 2012

CUBA / VENEZUELA / USA : 11 April UPDATE: Marlins Manager Guillen Suspended For His 'I Love Castro' Comment; Apologizes Again During Protests.

     Dios mio!
     To cool a brewing storm...the Marlins suspended Manager Ozzie Guillen for 5 days without pay...because of his recent favorable comments about Fidel Castro.
     The immediate suspension was announced at a Miami press conference.
     And...for the second time...Guillen apologized for his remarks about Castro...and even past support for Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.
     It all started Friday when Guillen was quoted as praising Fidel Castro in TIME's latest issue.
     Cuba's communist Castro brothers have been loathed and hated...in Miami and Florida... for over 50 years.
     But the struggling Miami Marlins baseball team's new manager...seemingly ignorant of that fact...was quoted saying that he loved Fidel...and caca hit the air conditioning...full blast!
    "As soon as I read it, I was sick to my stomach...,"proclaimed Guillen.
     Guillen, 48...tried to change his comments about 'loving' Castro...to 'respecting' Fidel... because many people wanted to kill him and failed.
    "It's not proper for me to talk about this man," Guillen said. "I am not Cuban. I should not be talking about Cuba or Fidel."
   Controversy is not new to Guillen.
   In the past...he has slurred gays and lavishly praised Venezuelan socialist Chavez.
   But a boycott of the team...was quickly gathering steam.
   In the end...he blamed the uproar on his poor language skills...and the reporter's misinterpretation.
    Ozzie...que bobo!
      NEW!!! TO WATCH  2:30 Video Apology...and Protest Outside stadium...with Captions.