19 April 2012

COLOMBIA / USA : 20 April UPDATE: Bogota Blasts Spirit Ad; Airline Sinks Low Again...With Sex Scandal Ad; Sex Business Reported Booming After Scandal.


     How low can Spirit Airline go?
     The airline best known for being the first to charge extra $$$ for checked and carry-on luggage, credit card use...in fact almost everything...maybe even bathroom use...is now trumpeting its service from the USA to Colombia...with an ad mocking the Secret Service and 'cheap' Colombian sex.
     Humorous?...or tasteless?
     Certainly...successful in garnering publicity.
     But...Bogota is not happy with Spirit's attention seeking ad...claiming it promotes sex tourism.
     Officials want Spirit to apologize publicly to Cartagena...and Colombia.

     Happily...there will soon be another airline choice to Colombia from the USA besides Spirit!
     Beginning in May...USA passengers can fly from Ft. Lauderdale to Bogota...on Jet Blue.

     But...CR also reported that a pimp in Cartagena says future bookings are booming...since the Secret Service scandal broke.
    The U.S Secret Service "...helped my business a lot. The next day I received more than 20 emails," the man told a local radio station. 

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