05 April 2012

BRASIL / USA : Prosecutor Doubles Down On Chevron/Transocean...With $22 Billion Lawsuit.


      Campos prosecutor Eduardo Santos de Oliveira is getting serious...and the foreign oil giants may be getting scared.
      Santos de Oliveira is doubling his lawsuit against Chevron and Transocean...to $22 billion...over a second oil spill in the Frade field in March.
      He is also seeking to halt Chevron operations.
     “The oil spill at the Frade field hasn’t been contained,” Santos de Oliveira said. “The damages to the environment and to Brasil's natural resources are incalculable at this point.”
      "The second leak is as serious or more serious than the first, so the damages have to be in the same category," Santos de Oliveira told Reuters. "While they are not a simple mathematical calculation, they are not symbolic either."
     “Other companies must be scared, even if they’re 100 percent right, they can be crucified in public opinion,” said a Rio oil specialist.
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