17 March 2012

UKRAINE : 29 March UPDATE: Teen Gang Rape/Torching Victim Oksana Makar...Dies.

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         Brutal rape/severe burn victim Oksana Makar, 18...has died.
         The teen hung on for weeks...after 3 young men allegedly raped her, choked her, dumped her body and set it on fire in Mykolayiv...outraging many Ukrainians...because 2 sons of local ex-government officials were involved.
      Both of Makar's feet...and an arm had to be amputated...and 55% of her skin was destroyed.
     She was put into a supervised coma...and moved to a burn hospital.
     Some members of parliament demanded the death penalty for the accused men...and another proposed their castration.
     Local police were under fire for conducting a 'slipshod' investigation.
     The 3 men have been re-arrested...and now face murder charges...and life sentences.