03 March 2012

MEXICO / USA : Culiacan's Famous Narco Cemetery; Border Patrol Shoots It Out With Narcos.


     Culiacan is the home town of Sinaloa's narcos.
     It's cemetery is famous for the many elaborate mausoleums of slain 25 year old narcos.
     But...less publicized and honored...are the still unsolved murders of more than 60 journalists by the narcos.
     "...what does it cost to kill a journalist? Is it 500 bucks or is it 300 bucks, or is it two beers and the promise of promotion within the criminal organization? It's nothing. So if a journalist is causing you the slightest bit of problem, just get rid of them," says the head of a journalist organization.
     Violence against journalists greatly compromises coverage of narco violence there.
    ALSO:  USA border agents fired at fleeing pot smugglers on the Rio Grande river just west of Roma, Texas...after the narcos tried to run them down.
     Narcos on the Mexican side of the river also opened fire on agents.  No US injuries were reported. Two tons of pot...valued at $3million...were recovered.http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/03/03/us-usa-mexico-shootout-idUSTRE82202U20120303