15 March 2012

CUBA : 16 March UPDATE: 13 Dissidents End Occupation Of Church...Without Pope Benedict Demands; Smuggled Video Shows Intolerable Prison Conditions.

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    The 13 dissidents...occupying La Habana's Church of Charity de Cobre for 2 days...left the church...'without resistence'...after the Catholic Church asked authorities to end the occupation.
     They had refused to leave...until Pope Benedict agreed to mediate the island's repression, release of political prisoners, and better internet access...during his 26 March visit.
    They had revised their initial demand to meet with the Pope himself.
    Cuba's Catholic Church had denounced the protest because of its political nature.
    The protesters were not charged with any crime.
    The dissidents were in an area off limits from church services and visitors.
    For 2 days...they were unable to get food...drinking only water.

   AND!!!  A new smuggled-out video shows insides of Cuba's infamous high security prison...Combinado del Este.

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