25 February 2012

ITALY : Silvio Wins One...As Bribery Charge Is Thrown Out.


     Ex-PM Silvio Berlusconi...proved too slippery...as the silverback and his attorneys ran out the clock over a $600,000 bribery charge.
    A court ruled that the 1990's case where Berlusconi was accused of paying off British tax lawyer David Mills to give false testimony...exceeded the legal statute of limitations.
    The Milano prosecutors wanted to send anciano Silvio to jail for 5 years...and plan to appeal.
    Of course...Berlusconi denied culpability...and claims he is the most persecuted person in the history of 'the entire solar system'...having spent more than E400 mn for lawyers...in the last 14 years.
    Silvio still remains a defendant in 3 more trials.