19 January 2012

UK / ARGENTINA : Temp Prez Boudou Calls Cameron 'Ignorant' About Malvinas/Falklands.


     As the 30th anniversary of the 74 day Falklands/Malvinas War nears...rhetoric is heating-up...because of the prospect of new oil finds there.
    Acting as president...VP Amado Boudou (foto)...verbally attacked UK PM David Cameron...for accusing Argentina of 'colonialism'.
     Boudou basically described Cameron as 'ignorant'.
     "We are astonished by such ignorance. Maybe he (Cameron) should re-read his history books to understand what colonialism is.'
     And ForMin Hector Timerman recently said: "Britain in its imperial decadence is trying to rewrite history at at time when only a few traces of colonialism remain."
     Boudou is running the government until President Cristina Kirchner returns from recent...and unnecessary...thyroid surgery.
     TO READ: about potential oil finds: