05 December 2011

MEXICO : Leading PRI Prez Candidate Pena Nieto Stumbles Badly, Publicly Over Reading List.


     Handsome, rich and leading in polls as the presumed PRI presidential candidate for the July 2012 election... former Mexico state gov. Enrique Pena Nieto, 45, stumbled for a full 4 minutes when asked to name his three most influential books
    Pena Nieto finally recovered but could only say that he has read "parts of" the Bible.
    Thus...encouraging his critics...who claim that he is nothing but a Ken doll...pretty and empty.
    Twitter also went wild with comments.
    Pena Nieto showed good humor over the Twitter comments...saying that : "I'm reading some tweets about my error yesterday, some are very critical, others are even funny. I thank you for all of them," he wrote.
     He also tweeted : "Freedom of expression is a central pillar of democracy. Criticism of those of us who aspire to or hold political office is fundamental."