27 April 2013

CHILE / PERU : 01 May UPDATE: Cult Leader Found Dead In Cusco; 2 More Suspects Sought In Satanic Baby Sacrifice.

         An update on the week's most bizarre and gruesome story.
         Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete...the cult leader sought by police since February in the brutal murder of a 3-day-old baby...has been found dead from hanging...in an abandoned building in Cusco, Peru.
        Police have arrested 7 suspects...including the child's 25 year-old mother.
        They are still searching for 2 more suspects.
        Castillo Gaete, 36...was a self-proclaimed god...aka 'Antares from the Light'.
       Officials believe Castillo Gaete convinced his 12 member sect in Colliguay founded in 2005...that the baby was the anti-Christ...and had to be killed in a 'healing ritual'...before the much publicized 'Mayan apocalypse'...on 21 December 2012.
      He may also have fathered the murdered baby...because he had sex with all the sect's women.