03 May 2012

VENEZUELA / CUBA : 04 May UPDATE: Chavez Running Caracas Via Twitter; Cancer Stricken Leader Activates Advisory Council; Bocaranda Claims Hugo Is Depressed and Crippled.


       On Monday...President Hugo Chavez returned again to La Habana for another...and he claims...the last...radiation treatment for his still undisclosed cancer.
       In truth...Hugo has spent more time in Cuba...than in Caracas.
      Chavez is now actively running Venezuela...via TWITTER...governing by remote control.
      Opposition columnist Nelson Bocaranda claims Hugo is deeply depressed over his poor prognosis...and has a fractured femur due to excessive radiation...and is in severe pain.
      Bocaranda also claims a La Habana arrival was staged to exclude Hugo's need for a wheelchair.
      Chavez, 57...also recently activated an advisory council...that prior existed only in theory...but could rule in his absence or death...and named VP Elias Jaua and 9 others to it.
     Observers say there are no surprises among its members...but believe empowering the council is not good news for Chavez...or Venezuela.
    Before his return to La Habana...after only 3 days in Caracas...Chavez announced on TV that he wants Venezuela to withdraw from the OAS Human Rights Commission...because it's 'a tool the US uses against us.' 
    He also approved a new law that shortens the work week to 40 hours from 44...and increases maternity leave from 18 to 26 weeks.