11 August 2012

ECUADOR / UK / SWEDEN / USA : Strange Media Bedfellows...Assange And Correa.

      At first glance...controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange...and Ecuador's President Rafael Correa appear to be strange bedfellows.
      Correa has aggressively prosecuted his nation's media...which he calls 'the corrupt press'...while Internet whistleblower Assange often hides behind defending press freedoms.
       Word may come this week...whether Correa will grant asylum to Assange...currently holed-up in Ecuador's London embassy...to avoid extradition to Sweden for alleged illegal sexual behaviors...and perhaps later to the USA.
       Local journalists in Ecuador are aghast.
       'It seems to me Assange either doesn't know or care about what's happening to local journalists,' says a free speech spokesman.