12 September 2011

BRASIL / COLOMBIA / UKRAINE: 13 Sept. UPDATE: Bettors' Favorite Odessa An Also Ran In Miss Universe Contest.

                              LINK CHANGE / FOX LATINO / with fotos

     After 3 weeks in Sao Paulo, 89 beautiful women from around the world...were winnowed down to just 5 finalists in the 60th Miss Universe contest.
     Ukraine, touted by bookmakers as the likely winner...came in second after the Portuguese speaking crowd's favorite...Angola (above).
     Ukraine's choice of Cleopatra as her role model for the crucial question segment may have been too controversial...but it was bold.
     Beautiful and feisty Colombiana Catalina Robayo (right) was a 66-1 long shot...and made only the first cut of 16...with 6 other Latinas. A small controversy erupted about her...after some fotogs claimed that Robayo was not wearing underwear during a foto shoot.
    Among the other 10 finalists...Brasil, Australia, a surfer from France (who knew!), Panama, Portugal and Costa Rica.