26 April 2013

VENEZUELA : Maduro Opponent Capriles Calls Presidential Vote Audit 'A Joke'; Appeals To Supreme Court.

     The outcome over the closely contested 14 April presidential vote has not be resolved.
     Losing opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski has vowed to challenge the outcome before the nation's Supreme Court.
     Though President Maduro agreed to a full electronic vote audit...Capriles is demanding that fingerprints and voter signatures be examined.
     He called the current audit...'a joke'...and insists that votes were 'stolen'...and backed out of support for an electronic only audit.
     The opposition claims there were over 3,200 instances of fraud or intimidation.
     They want the results annulled...and a new election.
     Maduro won the 6-year term...by less than 2%.
     Some Maduro supporters want Capriles tried for 'murder'...claiming he is responsible for post election disturbances...where 9 people died.