05 June 2012

RUSSIA / CHINA : Putin Courts Beijing.


     Russia has energy resources aplenty.
     China lacks energy resources...and hungers for more.
     Thus..it is only natural for President Putin to build bridges with China...figuratively...and literally with a record new span in the far east's...Vladivostok.
     Putin is visiting China for 3 days...to conclude a nat gas deal that has been cooking for years.
     And Putin hopes for more energy and business deals...as a buffer against the West and the EU.
    "If Peter the Great were alive today he would relocate the capital to Vladivostok not St. Petersburg," speculates a Moscow expert.

      "The Pacific is the equivalent of the Baltic Sea in the 18th century. It's where the action is. But Russia needs to divert far more attention to the Far East than it has been devoting recently...it will remain a challenge.'